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Bankruptcy in Utah Means Going to Court?

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Filing bankruptcy in Utah is assumed by many to require going to court. One of the scariest things anyone can do in life is go to court. Normally when people think of going to court they think of the scariest events in life, like divorce, criminal charges or a lawsuit. Many people hesitate, sometimes for years, to file bankruptcy and take care of their debts because they think filing bankruptcy means going to court. But is this true?

Enough Debt to File Bankruptcy?

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The end of Summer brings the Fall season - which to many means football and barbeque. This was most true for me when I lived in Oklahoma. Most of my neighbors were extremely emotional about their football and their barbeque. I wasn’t surprised with the love of football.But I was extremely surprised at how many opinions there were about barbeque! I can’t even count the number of lessons I was given by grill or pit masters (by the way everyone down there considers themselves a pit master) on how to properly grill.

Ashamed Of Your Debts? Don’t Be.

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When I decided to ask my Wife to marry me I felt pressure to purchase a ring that – at the time – was way too expensive for me. I loved her – so why wouldn’t I do everything I could to show my love? Right? I had access to credit. The bank reassured me that it would be easy to repay. Well, I was wrong. I made a stupid decision. I went into debt. I went into debt at the wrong time for the wrong reason with little to no income to pay it back. And that ring? Well, it was a really nice ring but my Wife later lost it – twice! (….a great story for another day).

Expenses Prior to Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

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Individuals considering filing bankruptcy in Utah should keep in mind that spending any cash that is not protected by bankruptcy exemptions (such as funds in your bank or a tax refund) will be reviewed by the bankruptcy Trustee shortly after you file your case. That's because there are some ways debtors could try to spend money in an effort to hide their assets or otherwise skew the bankruptcy court's perception.

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