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California Bankruptcy Attorney

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When To Choose Bankruptcy

Do you feel alone and consumed with worry because of your overwhelming debts? You're not alone. Hundreds of people just like you are finding that bankruptcy is the right choice for them. In fact, California bankruptcy filings are at an all time high. Why? Because the U.S. bankruptcy laws were designed to help good people find relief from overpowering debt. As the bankruptcy firm of choice in California, we have the experience to know if bankruptcy is right for you. If you are starting to feel desperate for some debt relief, contact Lincoln Law for a free consultation. Our California bankruptcy attorney will discuss bankruptcy with you and how it can help.

How We Can Help

You have probably felt forced into a corner by your debt, but bankruptcy is still your choice. At Lincoln Law, we understand how the bankruptcy laws are meant to protect hard-working people like yourself, and we have the expertise to help you wipe out your debts. We are very experienced in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies, and we can help explain the law to you. We have a number of convenient locations in California, including Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Pleasant Hill, and other cities in the Bay area. If your credit score is falling and you are struggling with late and missed payments, we can help. We will get creditors off your back and defend your legal rights under the law.

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Know Your Rights

Many people have misconceptions about bankruptcy, and we are here to tell you that they aren’t true. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that losing your possession is inevitable or that your credit score will never recover. Most of the clients of Lincoln Law have been able to retain all of their assets, stop wage garnishments, prevent foreclosure, and wipe out their impossible medical expenses and credit card debts. Talk with our California bankruptcy lawyer about your concerns and we will make sure you understand how bankruptcy can benefit you.

End Your Stress

U.S. bankruptcy law was designed to help honest and hard-working people find debt relief. Due in part to unstable housing markets and skyrocketing medical costs, laws are more lenient on people filing for bankruptcy. If you are carrying unwanted debt contact our California bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation. We will take a comprehensive look at your circumstances and present the pros and cons of taking the next forward in bankruptcy. We can negotiate for lower payments and release you from crippling debts that you can’t pay.