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How Does a Free Consultation Benefit Me?


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If you’re reading this, you likely recognize that you have a debt problem. More importantly, you have decided to do something about it. You may have read dozens of articles and blogs about budgeting, debt settlement, debt consolidation, and now bankruptcy. And if you’re like millions of Americans struggling through similar issues, you have no idea where to start.


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You work hard, or spend every day looking for work. You pay your bills every month, if you can. And every month, your outstanding balances stay the same—or even grow. Caught in the debt cycle, you don’t know how you got there or whether you’ll ever get out. When you come in for a consultation with us, we’ll sit down and take a compassionate but honest look at your situation. Once we have a handle on your finances, we can identify the best path toward your goals. In some cases, we help people find creative ways to adjust their budgets or negotiate with creditors to get out of debt with their current income. Sometimes we identify a solution that doesn’t involve bankruptcy. But often bankruptcy is the best option, because unlike most other debt solutions, bankruptcy’s extraordinary power comes from its establishment in federal law.


Legal & Financial Guidance


Achieving change on your own is difficult and risky. Even if you know exactly where you are and what you need, the process can be overwhelming. If bankruptcy is the best answer, we will help you hold onto what you need and move toward a new, debt-free life. We understand the new bankruptcy laws, how they impact you, what to look out for and how to get the job done. If another solution is a better choice, we will work with you to design a strategy and help you emerge stronger, happier, and free of the burdens that have weighed you down for so long.


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Every day that you wait to begin this journey costs you more money, and drags you down further into the debt cycle. If you’re already late on bills, legal action could be just around the corner - or in your mailbox. We are here to help you—not with gimmicks or empty promises, but with professional help that has already freed thousands of individuals and families from the debt cycle. Learn about your options with a FREE consultation - you have nothing to lose. Call Lincoln Law at 800-404-0018 today.