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From Beginning to End: The Filing Process

A lot of clients wonder what steps it takes to file a bankruptcy case. Below is a basic outline of our appointment schedule. We don't charge you for wanting to see us, and you are always welcome to add a follow-up, document drop-off or payment appointment if you choose.

The Truth about Bankruptcy and your Second Mortgage

One of the most exciting areas of bankruptcy law is the ability to discharge or remove a second mortgage.  For years the ability to remove a second mortgage was largely irrelevant as property values rose year after year.  Now the power of the bankruptcy court has become one of the most powerful consumer protection laws on the books.  It is important for every home-owner to know his

7 Reasons Every Mortgage Modification Success should consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In my office I increasingly see clients come in for consultations after having completed a mortgage modification. I wish that I saw it much more frequently. With its singular ability to entirely remove a second mortgage, bankruptcy is an excellent follow-up to mortgage modification.

Non-Recourse Loans: The California Anti-Deficiency Statute and Foreclosure

For many borrowers, the choice of whether to file bankruptcy depends on a determination of whether a home-owner will be liable for debt on his home following foreclosure.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Your 341 Meeting

One of the most unnecessary stressors for a bankruptcy client is anxiety about the 341 meeting.  Here are five reasons to be excited about the 341 meeting.