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Meeting clients' phone needs

woman at phone with attorney

The biggest complaint that people have about their attorney is a lack of communication. People trust their attorney and open up about some really sensitive difficult situations. They share what they are struggling with the very most, and they share it with someone who knows a lot more than them about the law. Then they have to trust that they will get the help they need on their difficult situation.

Well, imagine the frustration when the attorney does not respond back in a way or a time that is quick enough.

Lincoln Law addresses our clients' very real needs to communicate with us about their case and their personal situation.

Most important is the personal touch. We have three full-time, caring people who do nothing but answer phone calls from clients. Together, these three people answer an average of over 100 calls per day. That is a lot of phone calls!

It is also indicative that it takes three full-time staff members to answer these hundred calls per day. Doing the simple math, that means that 25 hours are being worked to handle 100 phone calls, meaning that it takes 15 minutes per telephone call. And this is averaging in the "simple" calls like rescheduling an appointment or getting a case number.

Why does it take so long? Well, every time a phone call comes in a client file needs to be accessed and reviewed, a person needs to be listened to and feel understood, changes in the file need to be made and communicated, and then that information needs to be passed on to other paralegals and attorneys at the firm to keep everyone on the same page. Everyone is kept on the same page through detailed notes that are entered into the client file in the form of a "memo to file."

The attorneys at Lincoln Law review every single memo to file and every single task. That makes for a lot of work, but it also helps us provide an exceptional quality of service, meaning the trust our clients place in us is well deserved and they will be able to keep their stuff and sleep well at night.