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Because Here Is What You Get


A bankruptcy team ready to serve their clientExperience: We Have It

Bankruptcy is our passion. For over a decade the attorneys at Lincoln Law have honed their understanding of the legal system to provide debt relief to thousands of deserving families. We deal with the bankruptcy code and applicable local laws on a daily basis.

Results: We Provide Them

Nothing else matters if you don’t get the result you need, and we have a proven track record. We file over 50 successful bankruptcy cases every month, and have collectively freed our clients from of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.

Respect: We Show It

We know that you may very well be anxious and overwhelmed by your financial situation. We work hard to provide a safe environment and supportive staff where you can be free to openly express yourself. We encourage our clients to understand the process and ask questions so we can address your concerns.

Trust: We Earn It

We understand the anxiety caused by an urgent situation combined with a lack of direction. It’s like being trapped in a burning building, not knowing where to exit. We offer a FREE consultation where we‘ll explain how bankruptcy really works, but we’ll also lay out your other options. Sometimes bankruptcy is the best choice, sometimes it’s not - we want what’s best for you.

Arm yourself with an understanding of your options, allow us to craft a solution to reach your goals and obtain the peace of mind to carry on. Call the offices of Lincoln Law at 800-404-0018 to set up your free consultation today.