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341 Meeting

Meeting with debtor, creditors, and trustee after filing bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in Utah Means Going to Court?

utah bankruptcy court building

Filing bankruptcy in Utah is assumed by many to require going to court. One of the scariest things anyone can do in life is go to court. Normally when people think of going to court they think of the scariest events in life, like divorce, criminal charges or a lawsuit. Many people hesitate, sometimes for years, to file bankruptcy and take care of their debts because they think filing bankruptcy means going to court. But is this true?

The Role of a Trustee in a Bankruptcy Case

Happy couple meeting shaking hands with their bankruptcy trusteeOk, you are getting a fresh start on your financial situation and have filed for bankruptcy. One of the major players that you are going to be interacting with is a bankruptcy trustee. A bankruptcy trustee is a lawyer assigned to oversee your bankruptcy case. Their role in the case differs as to whether your bankruptcy case is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.


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