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Warning signs

Reclaim Your Financial Freedom


Man speaking with his creditorsGet out from under debt

Whether you’re struggling with credit cards, medical bills, or an unpaid mortgage, mounting debt can quickly spiral out of control, often triggering home foreclosure, car repossession, and creditor harassment. And once you’re overwhelmed with unpaid debt, it can be difficult—or even impossible—to get back on the path to financial freedom.

Stop Repossessions with Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can stop repossessionHow Your Vehicle Can Survive the "Repo Man"

Vehicle repossessions are unfortunately quite common as many people are still struggling to gain a foothold in the unsure economy. Falling behind on vehicle payments can occur for a variety of reasons, with medical hardship and job loss as two of the biggest contributing factors.

Bankruptcy Fast Facts

Image of bankruptcy facts in a textbookTo that end, Chapter 11 has two entirely separate aspects. First, Chapter 11 empowers the debtor to operate without a number of restrictions imposed by pre bankruptcy contractual commitments and to shed contractual obligations that are a burden upon the business. Second, creditors can allocate the enterprise values by majority vote as long as certain basic criteria are met.

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