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Calling for Relief

talking with attorney for relief

The most fascinating part of my work is the first call. After speaking with what seems like countless people who are looking into the option of bankruptcy, I have found that some have tears, all are frustrated and stressed, and a surprising number apologize to me for their emotions. They apologize for the tears and frustration because they think that they are alone in their situation, and feel as if failure is knocking on their door. They have become overwhelmed with debt collectors, pressure to support their family, the inability to find work, medical bills, and the list goes on. My prayer to these people is to stop stressing, stop worrying, and let themselves find relief. Many of our clients enter our office for the first visit timidly, with a sense of insecurity or embarrassment. They are often misinformed about bankruptcy. I have seen this frustration as clients have hidden behind our floral arrangement or buried their face in their hands. I am always amazed to see the complete change in the walk and disposition of our clients after they finish meeting with the attorney. The hope in their eyes is easy to see. Even if bankruptcy isn’t the right fit for you, we will be able to review your options and help you on your way to a more successful future. You will never leave our office feeling as if you have just wasted your time. If we cannot take your case, we will refer you to someone better suited to help you.

When you decide to file with us, you will find that we are not only here to provide relief, but also support. We will walk you through the process. We have experienced paralegals and attorneys that will guide you through the bankruptcy paperwork. They will help you make sure everything is complete and correct, and answer your questions. The decision to file bankruptcy is difficult, but the relief it provides is worth the effort. Bankruptcy was put into place by our government to provide that new beginning. My favorite part of working with those filing for bankruptcy is the newly found hope that they receive. After all the agony caused by financial struggles, they receive a fresh start.

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