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It pays to hire a bankruptcy attorney

It pays to hire a bankruptcy attorney

It only takes several hours for someone to throw together random paperwork to file a bankruptcy case, but it can take years and tens of thousands of dollars or more to try to fix and litigate the mistakes in the paperwork if not prepared correctly in the beginning. Hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer!

The Importance of Local Bankruptcy Counsel


At a Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing the other day, an out of area attorney from Fountain Valley was appearing via phone on his Sixth Amended Plan.  You might wonder, “What was an attorney from Southern California doing representing a client in Oakland that he had never met in person”?  I was wondering the same thing...  

Confiando en tu abogado


Lo grandioso de contratar a un consejero competente después de haber hecho su debida diligencia, es que podrás confiar en tu abogado y en los consejos que te dará.

Si después de contratar a tu abogado, empiezas a cuestionarte si tomaste la decisión correcta, deberás pensar en él porque. Tienes todo el derecho de tener una segunda opción, pero el hecho de que estes buscando una segunda opinion habla de un problema mas grande.  

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