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The “Other” Benefits of Bankruptcy


Happy family enjoying the benefits of bankruptcyWhen people think of bankruptcy, eliminating their debt is what usually comes to mind. But the benefits of bankruptcy are numerous and extend well beyond dollars and cents.

Stressing Out?

The compounding effect of interest on revolving and delinquent accounts, combined with late fees, overdraft fees, legal fees and increasing interest rates can work together to create an inescapable cycle of debt. If this sounds all too familiar, then it should come as no surprise to you that financial distress has been shown to cause elevated cortisol levels (increased stress) and a flurry of other health problems.

Making Change

Crippling debt can be a depressing element that will weigh one down in every aspect of their life. On the other hand, the sense of financial freedom that comes from getting out of debt can have far reaching positive effects in your life. But it’s important to acknowledge that the problem won’t just go away without a serious change in direction. Many of our clients have tried to deal with their debt on their own, often wasting years of time, money and health before they consider what turns out to be the solution: bankruptcy. An experienced attorney whose sole focus is leveraging the power of the bankruptcy code can often achieve the best results in debt and stress elimination.

Spend Time and Money Better

Drastically reducing or completely eliminating debt can be a major positive force in one’s life, allowing a freed up budget and time for the more important things in life. The automatic stay is a bankruptcy provision which instantly puts a stop to collection attempts. Imagine that: no more harassing calls, no more worrying about a lawsuit every time you open the mail, no more watching for the repo-man and no more debt to keep you up at night!

Usually debts are completely eliminated or at least drastically reduced to a fraction of what they were through the bankruptcy process. Think about what you currently spend on unnecessary bills every month? Now recall the days you spent doing the things you enjoyed most.. Imagine keeping that money (and the time you spend being hassled by bill collecting) doing those things, feeling better about your life.


Filing for bankruptcy is a proactive, positive step to taking control of your finances. If your stomach twists every time you get an unexpected phone call or a new bill, do yourself a favor and take the first step to becoming debt-free. We offer a free consultation, and can even file your case within 24 hours. Why wait? Make today the turning point - take action to regain control of your finances, your time and your health. With the entire process often ending within 3 months, you can be well on your way to a new and improved life in almost no time.

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