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What happens after the meeting of creditors in a chapter 7?


After the meeting of creditors, also known as the 341 meeting, the trustee may contact the debtor regarding the debtor's property. The court may require the debtor to turn some property over to the trustee. In other cases, the debtor is ordered to provide information about their circumstances. If the debtor does not comply with the orders, his or her bankruptcy case can be dismissed, which means the case was unsuccessful and the debtor is essentially back to square one. However, if the debtor doesn't have excess property (outside of the allowed exemptions), and the case is deemed a "No asset case," they will not have any property to turn over to the trustee. Furthermore, the debtor needs to be sure that the post-filing debt education course as well as accompanying Form B23 are completed. Both the debt education certificate and Form B23 need to be filed with the court. This course can be taken after the day of filing, but if it is not taken 45 days after the day of filing, the debtor's case will close without being discharged.