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How long does bankruptcy take from start to finish?


Chapter 7: The length of a chapter 7 case depends on whether or not the debtor has nonexempt assets for the trustee to collect. Usually a debtor's assets can be exempted and the trustee will label it a "No asset case." A no asset case generally takes 3 months to complete from the day of filing. However, if the debtor owns assets that fall outside of the allowed exemptions, the trustee may extend the length of the case in order to collect those assets. Most consumer cases with assets last about six months, but they can last quite a bit longer.

Chapter 13: From the day of filing, a chapter 13 case takes about 3 to 5 years to complete depending on the length of the plan. However, a debtor may be able to convert their chapter 13 case to a chapter 7 under the right circumstances.