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Bay Area Bankruptcy Attorney

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Is your peace of mind being ruined by overwhelming amounts of debt that you cannot pay? If debt is making your life seem out of balance, Lincoln Law can help you to find debt relief. We specialize in chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy to help wipe out your debt. Our Bay Area bankruptcy attorney is very experienced in helping good people like you file bankruptcy. We file hundreds of cases every year and we know how to make the Bankruptcy Law work for you. We know what you are going through, so call us today to meet with our attorney for your free consultation.
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Working with Lincoln Law was very helpful in my time of financial distress. They are very friendly and professional to help me with this uncomfortable situation of bankruptcy. I never thought I would have to go through bankruptcy, but at Lincoln Law, they helped me understand

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As the bankruptcy firm of choice in the Bay Area we have offices serving throughout Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, and Pleasant Hill. With our free consultation, you have nothing to lose. Stop stressing about your debt and learn about how bankruptcy may be able to get you the relief you so desperately need. If you have a heavy debt-to-income level or if you have missed a payment, your credit has probably been negatively affected. Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Law, our Bay Area bankruptcy lawyer can help you seek maximum relief. We can help you protect your assets so that you can have the chance to live life again as it should be, free from the stress of debt.

Busting Myths About Bankruptcy

The truth is that bankruptcy may not be the best choice for everyone, but if it is the right choice for you, it can be a truly beneficial way to go. Forget the myths you have heard about people filing for bankruptcy and losing all their assets. This myth is not true and it is not likely to happen to you. At Lincoln Law, we help protect your assets and you are able to keep your property, your home, your furniture, your car, and your other valued possessions. In fact, in most cases of filing for bankruptcy, your credit report will be better and your situation will begin to improve almost immediately.

Knowing Bankruptcy Law

The secret to getting debt relief is in knowing how the Bankruptcy Code works. Changes to the law have made it more lenient on good people like you who are seeking to get out of debt. Many hard-working people have found themselves in dire debt situations due to skyrocketing medical expenses and a volatile housing market. The Bankruptcy Law is on your side if you have been affected by these factors. At Lincoln Law, we have a deep understanding of the law and our Bay Area bankruptcy attorney can help guide you through the process.
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